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Combine Minimalism with "Tulum" Bohemian

style in this remodeled one bedroom.

Recently completed during the pandemic, this 800 square foot flat was located on the foundation level of a multi-unit building. It was long and narrow like many San Francisco floor plans, with an entrance at the back and natural light only coming from one end. 


The main challenge was a lack of natural light, with a secondary challenge of low ceilings and a foundation curb at the load bearing walls. The client was a fan of minimalism and had just returned from an inspiring trip to Tulum. She requested that I find a visual crossroads between the two, which was a unique challenge because those two styles are quite different.  


To invoke the feeling of Tulum, I chose bold natural textures and colors inspired by the jungle. Examples of this were locally handmade green kitchen tiles, moody multi-colored wallpaper in the bathroom, and of course lots of fur, leather, wood and handmade art and light fixtures. To bring in minimalism, I chose a metallic look wallpaper for the living room, and a faux concrete wallpaper for the bedroom. The bathroom was also tiled in super smooth tile and has minimal plumbing fixtures. I chose a warm walnut and bright white scheme for the kitchen cabinets, and chose to forgo hardware to keep things clean.

To tackle the challenge of lighting, I added subtle light valances with light strips hidden inside them that allowed dimming and also color changes. To supplement I added a healthy sprinkle of down lights that dimmed as well.

Styling and Photography by Ericka James.

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